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Awareness. As we journey through our lives we come into greater energetic awareness of ourselves, others and our life role.

Journey. We journey ourselves into a life of mystery and unfolding events; we story tell as we create a life of optimal fulfillment.

Transform. Update and eradicate old habituations, belief structures, relationships and memories that no longer serve. Energetically release, clear and optimize. Renew cellular and molecular structures. 

Resolve. Clear outdated patterns of behaviour, old relationships, cords, blocks fear and anxiety. Create space for you to inhabit yourself. Be whole.

Heal. Traumas, addictions, wounds, childhood, relationships, fear, physical ailments, anxiety. Energetically release yourself from psychological and emotional barriers. 

Experience. Learn what it feels like to be in awareness of your energetic self, to take control of who you really are, to experience your own aura, the internal functions of your body, your innate intuition. Learn to heal yourself. 

Identify. Access your inner wisdom; be in flow of your life’s direction; create and broaden new life perspectives and open to the mystery, abundance, the cosmos while deepening your inner life's journey.

Connect. Abundance in your life awaits; energetically clear your body and facilitate your own high energetic and optimal self. 

Consciously evolve while transforming your life and integrating your body mind and spirit into the brilliance that is you. I am my optimal me...

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Human Energy Awareness for Life

Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. Laura Watson  

Benefits of Psychoenergetic Therapy  
Our integrative healing approach combines traditional talk therapy and energy healing. This provides clients with a highly effective, time efficient treatment that supports physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual interconnectivity. This energy modality expedites healing as it links traditional talk therapy with body energetics. Unhealthy energy patterns consist of old relationships, trauma and memories that bind the body and do not allow for healing. Once identified, these energetics become dismantled and cleared to facilitate integrative healing. 

Individuals come to us when dealing with a spectrum of health issues - be it physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. We provide sacred client-based energetic space to effectively identify and work with the individual to lift away energetic layers, cords and disharmonious energy as the client recalibrates their system towards healing.

Health Issues addressed with Psychoenergetic Healing

Our clients are dealing with a spectrum of emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

We fundamentally believe and work in alignment with the principles of your personal healing and self empowerment.



1 Root Chakra 
2 Second Chakra
3 Solar Plexus Chakra
4 Heart Chakra
5 Throat Chakra
6 Third-Eye Chakra
7 Divine Chakra

Past, In-Between, Future Life Journey's

Dr. Laura Watson and Dr. Brian Weiss
Omega Center, NY Fall 2010 

Empowerment of the Self

"The journey towards developing a greater self love is a common thread throughout my work with clients. Together we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of each individual's soul and connect them to their heart. Regardless of life stage, together we strengthen the fractured bonds of love and self acceptance and care and compassion. These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. We open the heart of the self and connect it to the individual's own wisdom connection." 



"I had been struggling with a terrible long term shoulder injury that did not allow me to continue my physically active work. When I began working with Laura she would go directly into the pain and into the cells and apply various light and color energies to create space in the area. In running energies into the cells she created immediate anti-inflammatory relief. She guides me on the journey as well, drawing my awareness into the pain as she removes the layers of why it is actually there! In locating the pain and releasing beliefs and memories that held the problem in place, she alleviated all of my shoulder pain. I don't know how this works but it does. Amazing. Thank you Laura!"
TM, Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA 

"Although I am a doctor I have had debilitating migraine headaches since my medical residency. I have been prescribing my own medications over the years without too much success. I was skeptical when Laura first suggested doing a particular meditative and grounding exercise - how could something that simple get rid of migraines and why isn't this known to everyone? I have been working with Laura for three months now and I have not had a migraine in two months. When I feel a symptom coming on, I immediately go to the meditative grounding exercise. Sometimes I have to do this a few times a day to keep the migraine at bay. But I am now able to keep the symptoms of the migraines away just doing these simple 5 min exercises! Pharmaceutical side effects and migraines are gone. I realize that the underlying structure of migraines is energetically connected. These exercises are the most cost effective, easy and effective way to take charge of your own health. Energy medicine is the future of integrated 21st century medicine." 
JB, M.D., Medical Doctor, Burlingame, CA 


“During an informal meeting, I asked Laura to help alleviate back pain. She suggested that the pain wasn't originating in my back but that the origin of the problem was a gynecological issue. This had unconsciously been on my mind for sometime and I hadn’t mentioned it to her. It only affirmed that I needed to go to my gynecologist to get an exam.”
LZ, Educator, Timmins, Canada 

“Laura is off the charts both as an incredibly insightful person and a powerful healer.  After two decades of using Lipitor I had all the classic negative symptoms from using this drug such as muscle weakness, liver and kidney damage.  Western medicine wrote me off as a victim to the aging process.  Laura saw what was going on with my body systems and made some recommendations including a supporting sugar and gluten-free diet.  Getting off gluten is easy but sugar was much, much harder to kick and to avoid.  All my body pain is now gone and my 70 year old body is working like I think it is supposed to.  Laura is simply the best.” 
GB, Retired Police Officer, Olympia, Washington


"I have worked with Laura since mid-2010, and have found our work together not only enjoyable, but fundamental for my well-being.  Laura is extremely helpful in accessing poignant energetic blocks in my mind and system.  Her compassionate and enthusiastic humour allows me to relax in her presence (through skype!), and I trust that her Spirit will find what is necessary for me to address in the moment.  Often, Laura will pick up on things that I have not previously been consciously aware of, and bring to light some solutions as to how I can best manage a situation.  Very down to earth, Laura does well in achieving the balance and understanding of being practical and ethereal.  Thank heavens for her grounded imagination!  I am honoured to have the opportunity to know her work and thank you so much, Laura, for your expertise!" 
In Truth, Love CM, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I was having a difficult time in going through my divorce. My self-esteem bottomed out and I was feeling depressed and unable to plan my next steps. Our weekly meetings have been a place for me to talk about all of the issues regarding the divorce, but we also worked on an amazing energy level that works in support of the talk therapy. The energy part of our work assists in getting rid of the energetic cords which connected me to my ex husband and the imprinted family belief systems I had around divorce. When I realized that these energies were not mine, Laura helped me release them and taught me how to run my own energies. This freed up my energetically entangled body, the depression lifted, and I have now shifted back into an even more amazing place now! This psychonenergetic process is tremendously effective and fast. She is an amazing listener and then translates the issue into what she sees on an energetic level. An amazing therapy process. With many thanks for holding my hand and shifting me into a place of my power."
LM, Musician, Connecticut, RI


"I'm always amazed when working with Laura. We were talking about astral travel and she asked if I would like to try it. Within minutes I was experiencing this amazing out of body exercise! She set up the entire exercise with great precision and was incredibly skillful and careful as she guided me through the entire process. Talented, skillful and loving. I look forward to more amazing excursions. Thanks!
SC, Ph.D. Research, San Jose, CA 

“I always feel better after our weekly sessions. Laura has the ability to run energy and help me ground and expand my aura. This is a weekly treat where I actually feel like I am residing in my own body. I didn't know what it felt like before to not feel like I was in my body. Until you try working with Laura you have no idea how amazing and integrated you will feel. I never even knew that I didn’t feel like myself until we started doing this work! For this I am most grateful.”
ST, Manager, Arts Organization, Oakville, ON

“Laura works with the utmost integrity in her readings. I had many questions about a future investment prospect that my husband and I were considering, and Laura was able to provide very accurate postulations about those future options. She always came back to present time. She is accurate and very careful in how she does her intuitive readings!”
CM, Investor, Kansas, MO


“When my mother passed away, everyone around me was demanding something of me! Doing energy work with Laura on a weekly basis was incredibly supportive. it allowed me to reclaim my self back, recognize the draw of certain people on me and how I allowed them to take so much of my energy. Our sessions allowed me to recognize how to maintain energy boundaries of the energy that was demanded of me and that I allowed to give away. In learning about my own energy system, this allowed me to fortify myself, stay relaxed and centered and maintain a calm I have never known. This work was supportive and allowed me to transition with myself and my entire family through this difficult time. I can now offer more without losing myself as there is now more of me to give! This energy healing is far more powerful than talk therapy. It supports your entire being and is fast and works!" 
WG, Homemaker, Detroit, MI

"My life was a mess when I turned to Laura for help. I was struggling with many issues, but Laura zeroed in on what lay at the foundation, and in one session, got me back on track. The Contract Breaking exercise was so valuable for me to release my ex-husband. The energy she generated in just one session shifted the dynamics of what was shaping up to be a messy "divorce." I can't thank you enough, Laura. You're a miracle worker!"
MC, Registered Massage Therapist, Nanimo, BC


“Working with Laura has been instrumental in coming into a
renewed sense of myself and reclaiming my powerI had a difficult scenario with work colleagues who were threatened by a work project I was overseeing. Daggers were coming out at meetings. I could feel their anger and hostility towards me as they tried to take over the project (and hence the funding). In working with Laura, we were able to identify how these attacks were affecting my body! These energy attacks continued throughout the project but as we worked together, Laura was able to show me the energy dynamic in my system. I learned how to create more solid personal boundaries and to identify when people began invading my space. I am now able to effectively find my own inner energetic protection and work to cleanse and fill up my own auric field. Not only did I successfully complete the project but I was given a more senior management role in my company."
KW, Senior Project Executive, Toronto, Canada

"As a public speaker I have been trained by theater professionals to project voice and command a crowd. Laura has added an invaluable energetic piece that has allowed me to now understand how to expand my auric field, create entrainment, ensure protection and before I even begin do essential grounding exercises. These are invaluable tools that everyone should learn!"
JW, Corporate Business Leadership Executive, Chicago, Il 


“I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was told by my doctor that I would have to go on medication for life. I realize that my high blood pressure was stress related so I began working with Laura doing private meditation sessions. In working with Laura on a  weekly basis, she has taught and guided me into a deep meditative practice. Here I have now learned how to regulate my own breath, mind and now to regulate my blood pressure. With my daily meditation practice my BP is now back to normal. I have also learned some emergency meditation procedures when I feel my blood boiling and I call in Laura when I require some deeper grounding and maintenance."
GL, CFO Executive, New York, NY


"Laura assisted me in some tough decision making regarding possible business partners. In providing her with the names of the individuals she was able to see what they had done in the past and how they would step into working at my company. She was able to see into the future and see whether or not they would be effective, honest and compatible working partners. Indecision that had taken months turned into a path of clarity and decision. I have hired the candidate that "looked" the best and it is working out brilliantly! I recommend her insight and guidance for important business decisions. Thanks Laura!"
MI, Business Owner Real Estate Property Development, London, UK


"Dear Laura, Thank you!  You have guided me to unearth a new sense of self-assurance and clarity of direction.  When you took me on my past life regression, I wasn’t sure what, if any, would be the outcome. Not only was our journey fascinating, but it asked, and answered, some vital questions about my very purpose.  Lately, my life has been filled with change and upheaval.  With your compassionate approach and insightful prompting, our session together was revitalizing as well as enlightening. Since then, I have been able to effectively reevaluate my priorities and set down a path towards a more fulfilling life from my day to day activities to the larger goals I’m striving to obtain.  Thank you again and again!  I look forward to working with you some more and wish you continued success. Yours truly," 
AP, Corporate Trainer, Teacher, Wife and Mom, Toronto, Canada 

With gratitude and in service I thank you for your generosity and for the opportunity to work with your spirit...
Much love and light, Laura