Activate your Healing Powers!
Jan 10, 2011
Laura Watson

"Take back your health!" Loss of optimal health is a reminder that we must pay attention to the signs that have contributed to the body's disfunction. Attention to nutrition, exercise, rest and one's own energy field can have a profound effect on shaping an optimal health body. In neutralizing and cleansing the human energy field, space is created for the body's own energetic resources and immune system to be supported, activated and utilized. By opening the body into energetic awareness, our abilities to create internal health changes open ourselves to endless possibilities in restructuring and altering cellular composition, heart rhythm, body alignment, nervous and systems and more. Healing energies exist around and within us; internal sacral kundalini energy is an abundant source of personal healing energy as is our own higher self from source.  By opening the heart chakra and surrendering through love and acceptance of the self, one opens to an even wider breadth of opportunity to engage and take charge of the energetic body, mind and spirit. Energy Intuitives work with your higher spiritual self to allow that process to unfold and activate for your optimal wellness. Energy awareness provides for healing and paths of ascension. In awareness we begin to sculpt our own healing worlds.

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