L'Aura Your Field
Jan 10, 2011
Laura Watson

"What's your aura?" It's the 21st century updated Q of "what's your astrological sign" - but with a lot more to reveal! An aura is the subtle energy field around any material body. It's colorful and linked vibrationally and relationally; it is constituted of present moment, childhood, and previous life information and reveals an tremendous amount of information about your human functioning, relationships, and health and wellness. Auras hold physical body information and are indicative of underlying disease and pain conditions. Your aura may also reveal your state of mind, and whether you are in love, anger or pain. Aura's reveal the location where you hold your cel phone or blackberry! While the aura is layered with various colors which correspond to numerous vibrational frequencies and chakra centers, it also reveals a myriad of energy patterns that reflect your relationships, the environment, and your overall wellness state.
Maintaining the integrity of your auric field may seem an illusive exercise at first, but once you come into energetic awareness, clearing out the day's activities as well as old energy patterns, belief systems and other people's remnant energies, the process becomes second nature, just like taking a daily shower! Auric hygene! By tuning into your aura you facilitate higher body awareness that ultimately signals energetic well being. Take care of your body, mind, spirit - and yes, don't forget your second skin - that colorful auric spectrum that is you. 

Article originally appeared on Energy Healing (http://www.energyintuitives.com/).
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