Quantum Consciousness: Be 2012 
Feb 14, 2011
Laura Watson
Energy Awareness is Evolution! The 2012 paradigm shift of awareness in consciousness has been with us for decades now. As quantum consciousness percolates throughout humanity, time space and matter no longer satisfy the expectation of linear progression of chronological time. Many humans now experience their reality as rapidly evolving and shifting. Through global coherence, opportunities abound for our collective advancement towards a more peaceful and harmonious world. It all starts with the individual - the self. Whereas the 20th century embraced human development through psychological self awareness, the 21st century promises to usher in the age of consciousness development through experiential sense awareness. All of us sense good energy, bad energy, environmental toxins and so forth. The goal is to develop an acute awareness of our own energy systems in relation to the world. In so doing, we hone our intuitive skills, master our own healing powers, raise our own human vibrational levels and of those around us. And when we accomplish this, we step into our own transformational selves as active and conscious participants in creating human evolution for ourselves and the planet.
Article originally appeared on Energy Healing (http://www.energyintuitives.com/).
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