Oprah's Dr. Oz Asks Are Psychic Mediums the New Therapists?
Mar 16, 2011
Laura Watson

Clearly Dr. Oz is onto something here when he suggests that intuitives are the new therapists! A psychoenergetic therapist has a "triple threat toolbox" that can very effectively and expeditiously get to the core of issues.  By using clairvoyance and other "clairs" at their disposal, the therapist is able to hold sacred space and effectively identify the energetic body, cords, relationships and layers bound and connected to the issue at hand. The underlying root cause of an issue is the discovery! Once identified, the pyschoenergetic therapist goes about to effectively dismantle old energetic connections, paving the way for a multi-dimensional integrative energy healing to occur. Dr. Oz asked renowned physic medium John Edward how people may learn to connect with loved ones crossed over. Humored, Edwards suggested that it might not be advisable to give up your day job, but you might want to consider the following for intuitive development! 

1) Meditate and Prayer
Begin journal writing directly to the deceased to maintain or continue the connection. It is through the emotions that these subtle energy connections occur.
2) Get Moving and Alter your Programming
Stay healthy physically and begin to develop an energetic language. Set aside old programming of what you have learned and open yourself to experience.
3) Sit and Listen
It is in the quiet that you hear. Patience and the cultivation of active listening.

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