Double Lung Transplant Success!
Jul 15, 2013
Laura Watson

Congratulations to Karen who has now successfully integrated a new pair of lungs as of yesterday at 9 pm! The call for new lungs came in on Saturday evening late! So at 12:30 am I took myself away from Italan gelato and friends on College Street in downtown Toronto to attend to Karen at Toronto General Hospital for late night meditation, calm and subtle energy work! Karen gathered an amazing team of professionals and friends to assist her throughout the past few months. The subtle energy pathways that we worked on together included the donor and the generous gift of life that was passed on to her yesterday. Issues of energetic biocompatability with her new physical lungs as well as access to subtle energy realm healing were our primary goals... Stay tuned for the full report and detailing of the energetic experience during Karen's surgery and the protocols and processes that ensued. A formal academic paper will be forthcoming with regard to protocols, procedures and ways in which energy healers might consider approaching transplant clients and their new organs! Much love to Karen! You go girl...In Breath!


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