Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices for Accelerated Clearing and Core Energy Activation
Sep 13, 2015
Laura Watson

with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Hosted by Laura L. Watson Ph.D.


September 19 - 20, 2015
Toronto, Canada

This class offers a powerful synthesis of Vibrational Applications to the Human Physical & Energy Bodies, combined with transformational Spiritual Practices.

Together these Vibrational and Spiritual practices create much faster and more effective Clearing & Activation of Key Energy Centers and Pathways, which are essential for supporting higher consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Join us for this special new class, which will be Dr. Gilbert’s only event in Canada for 2015!

Topics and practices in this training include:

Location: This weekend class will be held in Toronto, Canada. Specific details of times and location will be sent upon receipt of registration.

Tuition: US $250 Register with www.Vesica.org


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