Begin Your Journey...

Awareness. As we journey through our lives we come into greater energetic awareness of ourselves, others and our life role.

Journey. We journey ourselves into a life of mystery and unfolding events; we story tell as we create a life of optimal fulfillment.

Transform. Update and eradicate old habituations, belief structures, relationships and memories that no longer serve. Energetically release, clear and optimize. Renew cellular and molecular structures. 

Resolve. Clear outdated patterns of behaviour, old relationships, cords, blocks fear and anxiety. Create space for you to inhabit yourself. Be whole.

Heal. Traumas, addictions, wounds, childhood, relationships, fear, physical ailments, anxiety. Energetically release yourself from psychological and emotional barriers. 

Experience. Learn what it feels like to be in awareness of your energetic self, to take control of who you really are, to experience your own aura, the internal functions of your body, your innate intuition. Learn to heal yourself. 

Identify. Access your inner wisdom; be in flow of your life’s direction; create and broaden new life perspectives and open to the mystery, abundance, the cosmos while deepening your inner life's journey.

Connect. Abundance in your life awaits; energetically clear your body and facilitate your own high energetic and optimal self. 

Consciously evolve while transforming your life and integrating your body mind and spirit into the brilliance that is you. I am my optimal me...

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Human Energy Awareness for Life

Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. Laura Watson  

Benefits of Psychoenergetic Therapy  
Our integrative healing approach combines traditional talk therapy and energy healing. This provides clients with a highly effective, time efficient treatment that supports physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual interconnectivity. This energy modality expedites healing as it links traditional talk therapy with body energetics. Unhealthy energy patterns consist of old relationships, trauma and memories that bind the body and do not allow for healing. Once identified, these energetics become dismantled and cleared to facilitate integrative healing. 

Individuals come to us when dealing with a spectrum of health issues - be it physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. We provide sacred client-based energetic space to effectively identify and work with the individual to lift away energetic layers, cords and disharmonious energy as the client recalibrates their system towards healing.

Health Issues addressed with Psychoenergetic Healing

Our clients are dealing with a spectrum of emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

We fundamentally believe and work in alignment with the principles of your personal healing and self empowerment.

Empowerment of the Self

"The journey towards developing a greater self love is a common thread throughout my work with clients. Together we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of each individual's soul and connect them to their heart. Regardless of life stage, together we strengthen the fractured bonds of love and self acceptance and care and compassion. These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. We open the heart of the self and connect it to the individual's own wisdom connection." 

Our Energy Intuitive Family

Phone and Skype 

Dr. Laura Watson, Energy Medicine, Psychoenergetic Healing 

Linda Balestrieri MIM, Personal Intuitive Coaching
John Lavack, MIM, Energy Healing Cancer 
Nancy Mae, MIM, Energy Healing Fertility 

Abigail McCullough MIM, Intuitive Energy Healer, Qi Gong


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Metaphysical + Spiritual Classes 

Activate Your Heart-Brain Connection:
An Energetic & Spiritual Intensive
Tuesday Evenings - October 16, 23, 30 + November 6, 2018 

Energetic Profiles:
Discover Your Energetic Archetype
October 20 + 21, 2018

The Emotional Body: Energetic Self-Regulation with Akashic Records, Taoist Stone Medicine and Intuitive Development
November 10 + 11, 2018 
 Reserve your seats and sign up NOW:  

The Emotional Body:
Energetic Self-Regulation through Akashic Records, Taoist Stone Medicine and Intuitive Development

Sometimes feel emotionally volatile? Overly-reactive? Unable to regulate your emotions effectively in all situations? 

This class is designed to help you effectively and strategically identify, release, manage and optimize emotional states. Cultivate emotionally balanced friend and partner relationships, create emotional integrity for professional advancement, and cultivate an optimum emotional body to support on-going vitality and future health! This class intersects ancient wisdom and modern science to provide effective, strategic and targeted techniques, skills, processes and meditations that will bring your emotional body into the highest of integrity.

Emotional Body Identification 

  • Learn to identify and manage your illusive and energetic emotional body within The Seven Subtle Bodies
  • Build emotive-intuitive skills and discern energetic qualities of the emotional body 
  • Develop advanced somatic, cognitive, energetic and vibratory schematics. 
  • Cultivate energetic processes to identify, neutralize and regulate the emotional body.

Akashic Records, Karma and Soul Purpose

Advance intuitive skills as you open and access key Akashic records; explore your emotional karmic and soul purpose journey. Identify, release and reprogram your emotional body in the field of Akashic time and space while advancing your future evolution. 

Buddhism and Neurobiology

Explore the power of Buddhist awareness-based techniques and principles through the richness and power of observational spatial neutrality within the context of modern neurobiological processes. Learn effective and targeted process that enable heightened awareness for emotional body regulation. 
Taoist Stone Medicine

Learn ancient internal alchemical practices within traditional Chinese and Taoist stone medicine associated with the Fusion of the 5 Elements. Discover specificextractive and harmonizing stones associated with emotional release and energetic emotional body optimization. Learn layered stone vibrations, meridian based maps/charts for stone body healing, how to create safe and effective crystal stone elixirs and tonics for emotional release, harmony and regulation.  

This class is packed with diverse yet integrative techniques, skills and processes that will provide lifelong skills for emotional balancing. Create a strong and solid personal and professional foundation upon which you may grow the evolutionary self. This class takes you into your personally designed future emotional body through heightened intuitive self-awareness, cultivation, integration and expansion. Share your learning with family and friends!


  • Identify and work with the illusive Emotional Body
  • Emotional self-regulatory emotional processes
  • Access and keys to Akashic Records
  • Working with Akashic time/space dimensions for future programming and access 
  • Cultivating psychophysiologic coherence
  • Develop clear intentions for future emotional self
  • Emotional pathways for manifestation and cultivation
  • Learning to use Chinese/Taoist Stone medicine for emotional regulation
  • SOBR™ technique for effective emotional management


  • Shift negative emotions, thinking and behaviours for greater more positive outcomes at work, home and in relationships.
  • Cultivate greater emotional compassion for self and others through increased self-regulation.
  • Develop greater emotional regulation and shift out of frustration, anger and resentment.
  • Cultivate deeper happiness, personal satisfaction and develop an evolutionary lens of perspective. 
  • Develop an emotional body to support vitality and health.

The Emotional Body: Self-Regulation through Akashic Records, 
Taoist Stone Medicine and Intuitive Development
A Weekend Intensive

Dates: November 10 + 11, 10-5:00 pm, 2018
Program Includes: Extensive program materials, energetic meditations, psychoenergetic processes, sacred space.       
Location: Yonge and Davisville/Eglinton, Glebe Road United Church, 20 Glebe Road, Toronto 
Tuition: Early Bird Offer: $389 + tax: $425 after October 10: Students/Seniors: $189 + tax.


416-322-3334 or

 Activate Your HeartBrain: 
An Energetic and Spiritual Intensive© 

October 16, 23, 30 + November 6, 7-9:30 pm, 2018

In this sequential four evening transformational workshop activate and evolve your heart-brain connection through advanced metaphysical initiations. 

This sacred meditation-based class guides you into the hidden nature of your own Being by identifying energetic layers that make up your unique energetic heart and brain signature. Each week we build new energetic processes, opening and deepening into both heart and brain consciousness. Advanced energetic connections restructure your energetic body into an evolved heart-thinking Being. 

Explorations of the world's heart traditions from Sufi, Taoist, Egyptian Mysteries and Shamanic work to Rudolf Steiner's prophetic indications, create a platform for deep remembering, activation and energetic cultivation. Rich cultural tapestries woven from external literary and artistic reflections provide a platform for deep internal alchemical processes of the heart. This is a gentle and sacred alchemical union with Self as part of an evolving HeartBrain evolution.


  • To engage powerful inner transformations
  • Ancient metaphysical secrets and embedded prophetic writings activated through initiatory meditations.  
  • Modern scientific discoveries of heart brain science.
  • To identify, connect and cultivate fluid HeartThinking skills for greater happiness, self regulation and compassion.
  • Evolutionary meditations that restructure an advanced energetic body.


  • Greater health, wellness, emotional self-regulation and happiness.
  • Positive heart thinking for work, home and relationships by transforming old emotions, thinking and behaviours.  
  • Greater emotional regulation and increased compassion byshifting frustration, anger and resentment. 
  • Deepen and advance your spiritual connection and alignment.
  • Develop an advanced evolutionary body and future lens of perspective.

Evolve your energetic Being into your future human.  

 Activate Your HeartBrain:
An Energetic & Spiritual Intensive©  

A Four-Part Evening Series
Dates: October 16, 23, 30 + November 6, 7-9:30 pm, 2018
Program Includes: Program manual with metaphysical, spiritual and energetic meditations; psychoenergetic processes.             
Location: Yonge and Eglinton: Eglinton St. George's United Church, 35 Lytton Blvd., Toronto
Early Bird Offer before October 10: $389 + tax: After $425 + tax: Students/Seniors: $189 + tax

RESERVE: 416-322-3334


Energetic Archetypes: 
Advance Your Future Self©  
October 21 + 22, 2018

How do you "run” your energy? 
What is your Energetic Signature - Profile?  

Explore your energetic personality profile, chakra and biofield signature through energetic awareness states. This convergence of elements is cultivated through experiential somatic and spiritual meditation processes. Work with the plenum of raw archetypal energy as we create our future Beings.

Discover your karmic life imprints. What ways do we emotionally and psychologically think, behave, respond and how are they related to who we have become as Archetypes? What is your energetic profile? Discover how you "run your energy" and how best to "manage your own unique energetic field."

Energetic and Intuitive Q's:

  • Are you a sensitive and feel other people's energy?
  • Do you have a sense about someone without even meeting them?
  • Do you feel like you pick up other people's energy - are sometimes not sure about your own energetic boundaries?
  • Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself - out of your body?
  • Perhaps you live deeply in your own personal space or feel distant or disconnected from others?
  • What is your "real" connection to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies?
  • What are your personal dynamic interrelationships between your subtle bodies - are you separate, distant - connected, integrated?

If you have ever wondered about any one of these questions and many more - this workshop experience is for you! This two-day weekend intensive explores psychodynamic and personality profile tools and the significant influence on our energy field. Everyone is unique - possessing individualized energetic profile based on a variety of personality and developmental factors.

Our human energy fields are built on past life karma, childhood experience, trauma, behaviours over time and a lifetime of psychoemotional and physical experiences. Explore dimensions of personality, archetypes, behaviour, trauma, karma and relationships, as we elegantly cultivate our future energetic Archetype!

We provide effective tools to shift and adjust your energetic field for optimal physical and psychoemotional health as you create conscious energetic and emotional boundaries with understanding and intelligence.

Playful, fun and exploratory - this workshop is designed to guide you through effective processes towards understanding the quality of your life as experienced through the interrelationship of energy, emotion, personality and the Archetypes. 

Join this innovative energy medicine workshop and be part of newly emergent energetic selves in the world!  


  • Experiential processes to determine one's energy field and signature 
  • Interrelationships between personality profiles and energetic signatures - what to avoid and how to balance your own energy  
  • Correlating Energetics to Archetypes
  • Conscious awareness, identification and separation from emotional trauma, noise, other people's energy    
  • Targeted processes to harmonize and balance a variety of energetic signatures  
  • Assess and understand where and how emotions and psychological states emerge in your energy/somatic body and their Archetypal connection  
  • Timelines 
  • Developing fortified aura (biofield) for greater health and happiness 


  • Greater energetic, cognitive and emotional understanding of the patterns of "how you run your energy"  
  • Establishing healthy "energetic boundary" states
  • Cultivating processes to shift your energetic states to reharmonize all aspects of your being 
  • Greater emotional compassion for self and others through increased energetic awareness and self-regulation. 
  • Shifting out of states of overwhelm, emotional fatigue, frustration, anger, resentment states.  
  • Processes for greater happiness, love, personal satisfaction 
  • Identifying energetic patterns in others and how to …
  • Creating and advancing Archetypal future masks 
  • Experiencing profound energetic and spiritual shifts as you step more deeply into your personal evolution 

Energetic Archetypes: Advance Your Future Self© 

Weekend Workshop Includes: Program Manual, Personality Profile Questionnaires, Energetic Schematics, Spiritual and Energetic Meditations, Targeted Psychoenergetic Healing Processes, Integrated Chakra and Biofield Field Healing Modalities
Dates: October 21 + 22, 2018
Location: Yonge and Davisville/Eglinton, Glebe Road United Church, 20 Glebe Road, Toronto  
Tuition: Early Bird Offer before October 10, $389 + tax;  $425 after; Students/Seniors 65+ $189 + tax.

RESERVE: 416-322-3334 or


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