Begin Your Journey...

Awareness. As we journey through our lives we come into greater energetic awareness of ourselves, others and our life role.

Journey. We journey ourselves into a life of mystery and unfolding events; we story tell as we create a life of optimal fulfillment.

Transform. Update and eradicate old habituations, belief structures, relationships and memories that no longer serve. Energetically release, clear and optimize. Renew cellular and molecular structures. 

Resolve. Clear outdated patterns of behaviour, old relationships, cords, blocks fear and anxiety. Create space for you to inhabit yourself. Be whole.

Heal. Traumas, addictions, wounds, childhood, relationships, fear, physical ailments, anxiety. Energetically release yourself from psychological and emotional barriers. 

Experience. Learn what it feels like to be in awareness of your energetic self, to take control of who you really are, to experience your own aura, the internal functions of your body, your innate intuition. Learn to heal yourself. 

Identify. Access your inner wisdom; be in flow of your life’s direction; create and broaden new life perspectives and open to the mystery, abundance, the cosmos while deepening your inner life's journey.

Connect. Abundance in your life awaits; energetically clear your body and facilitate your own high energetic and optimal self. 

Consciously evolve while transforming your life and integrating your body mind and spirit into the brilliance that is you. I am my optimal me...

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Empowerment of the Self

"The journey towards developing a greater self love is a common thread throughout my work with clients. Together we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of each individual's soul and connect them to their heart. Regardless of life stage, together we strengthen the fractured bonds of love and self acceptance and care and compassion. These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. We open the heart of the self and connect it to the individual's own wisdom connection." 


The image says it all. Relax and kick back. This is time for you. We create sacred space that is your time...for your healing. The more relaxed you are going into the session, the easier it is to go about the energy work.

Make sure you will be uninterrupted. If possible, please turn off all your extraneous communication devices. Ask that you not be interrupted or disturbed and send out an email or text to friends and family asking that you not be interrupted prior to or during your session. 

If you are knowledgeable about grounding techniques, feel free to begin a grounding prior to calling in. If you are using skype, we ask that the computer be placed on a desk and not on your lap. The skype connection may respond to various energy frequencies and when touching your body may become unstable!

During a session your body temperature may fluctuate in temperature. Keep a blanket, pashmina or sweater close by in case you body temperature lowers. Likewise, you may experience a heating of the body. These are all normal reactions to the movement of energy.

Finally, there have been many studies done on how healing works. If you are fluid and open, willing to actively co-participate in the work being done, your healing outcome will be that much greater. Remember the old adage, "that which you resist, persists." So, be in the flow, align your energies or at least your intentions with the energy healer. Your spirit will take care of the rest...

Love and light,