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Awareness. As we journey through our lives we come into greater energetic awareness of ourselves, others and our life role.

Journey. We journey ourselves into a life of mystery and unfolding events; we story tell as we create a life of optimal fulfillment.

Transform. Update and eradicate old habituations, belief structures, relationships and memories that no longer serve. Energetically release, clear and optimize. Renew cellular and molecular structures. 

Resolve. Clear outdated patterns of behaviour, old relationships, cords, blocks fear and anxiety. Create space for you to inhabit yourself. Be whole.

Heal. Traumas, addictions, wounds, childhood, relationships, fear, physical ailments, anxiety. Energetically release yourself from psychological and emotional barriers. 

Experience. Learn what it feels like to be in awareness of your energetic self, to take control of who you really are, to experience your own aura, the internal functions of your body, your innate intuition. Learn to heal yourself. 

Identify. Access your inner wisdom; be in flow of your life’s direction; create and broaden new life perspectives and open to the mystery, abundance, the cosmos while deepening your inner life's journey.

Connect. Abundance in your life awaits; energetically clear your body and facilitate your own high energetic and optimal self. 

Consciously evolve while transforming your life and integrating your body mind and spirit into the brilliance that is you. I am my optimal me...

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Past, In-Between, Future Life Journey's

Dr. Laura Watson and Dr. Brian Weiss
Omega Center, NY Fall 2010 

Empowerment of the Self

"The journey towards developing a greater self love is a common thread throughout my work with clients. Together we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of each individual's soul and connect them to their heart. Regardless of life stage, together we strengthen the fractured bonds of love and self acceptance and care and compassion. These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. We open the heart of the self and connect it to the individual's own wisdom connection." 

Interdimensional Travels



Guided interdimensional travel, including past life journeys, are an exquisite unfolding process of the human spirit that provides an individual with enlightening soul level learning lessons, life piece integration and mind soul body healing.

The process of the guided journey has profound meaning for all who participate whether one's belief system is aligned with an understanding and acceptance of past life experience or not. Regardless of personal belief, individuals engage a unique and personalized guided journey back into time. Inside this uniquely held space, portals of time and space open, revealing soul connections and lessons learned in this lifetime. Sacred space is held in order to bring forward and integrate these learning lessons in the present here and now.

Intuitively guided, each person engages an intimate and sacred personal journey to places within one's being that provide the most fruitful experience for present day learning and spiritual path integration. Experiences of early childhood experience may initiate the process as we deepen even further into past life portals. Each carefully guided hypnotic regression or progression (in the case of moving forward into future time), is a skilled and carefully guided journey that allows you the time within these intimate time space moments to experience and garner the learning jewels of wisdom from that experience, bring them forward, and integrate them into your present life. 

                          Time is malleable...

As an energy practitioner I facilitate beyond the memory state experience of recall to provide yet another layer that involves integration and energetic healing across dimensional times. While holding time space for a client’s exploration, the salient points of wisdom and healing are not only brought forth into this lifetime, but energetically held in that dimension to heal the manifest body in that time. By bringing forward energy healing techniques during states of regression or progression healing occurs on many dimensional levels. 

"Inside the hands of time I saw the universe open and then I discovered that I was the universe and all that is ... forever today yesterday and tomorrow..."

All past, in-between and future life hypnotic regression and progression work is done together in an intimate session together. Sessions may be organized in the privacy of your home or in my office. Comfort is key in order to allow your unconscious to explore the vast terrain of your wisdom.

Each regression provides an abundance of valuable information. It changes the way people live their lives and brings them more fully into alignment with their life’s goals and objectives.

Sessions generally last approximately 2.5 - 3 hours. This amount of time allows us to initially explore where you are now in your life and what you would like to manifest in your future. It provides us the opportunity to explore the places that you may want to go during our regression time together. If this experience is new to you, we will just follow your spirit and higher self who will guide us in your journey. The actual regression time tends to be long enough that you can enjoy the blissful states while bringing forward the learning lessons. After the session we take time to recall and discuss your journey and answer any questions that may arise from the experience. 

Client Experiences 
“This was my first time ever being hypnotized. It was a remarkable journey that has had such a profound impact on my life. The journey took me to two past lives which were fascinating and so clearly connected to my life now. But the real treat was the amazing in-beteen state which I didn't even know existed! I then dipped into the future and experienced more advanced evolved aspects of myself. It was an amazing experience!!  I was never uncomfortable as Laura guided me each step along the way and asked permission throughout. While I was hypnotized I was still conscious and very much aware. At the same time, I could see myself in between lives making a decision to choose this lifetime and as a result I have more clarity on why I am actually here and what my real life purpose is."
TT, Cleveland, OH

"Thank you! You have guided me to unearth a new sense of self-assurance and clarity of direction.  When you took me on my past life regression, I wasn’t sure what, if any, would be the outcome. Not only was our journey fascinating, but it asked, and answered, some vital questions about my very purpose.  Lately, my life has been filled with change and upheaval. With your compassionate approach and insightful prompting, our session together was revitalizing as well as enlightening. Since then, I have been able to effectively reevaluate my priorities and set down a path towards a more fulfilling life from my day to day activities to the larger goals I’m striving to obtain. Thank you again and again! I look forward to working with you some more and wish you continued success. Yours truly," 
AP, Corporate Trainer, Teacher, Wife and Mom, Toronto, Canada

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Past, In-Between, Future Life Journey’s
Energetic Integration Regression
Session fee is $350 for a 2.5-3.0 hour consultation journey session.
Fee includes informational pre-intake, regression hypnosis, bioenergetic quantum healing, post-hypnosis integration and follow up of your session. Sessions range from 2.5-3 hours to allow for intake, experiential journey, and post session integration time. This time allows for an exploration of personal expansiveness in a sacredly held space time continuum. 

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